Our landscape


The natural environment of the hamlet of San Pedro consists of meadows, apple trees and native trees. Have excellent views of the river gorge Goats at CUERA saw Caldueno valley and is very close to the Picos de Europa (15 km to Arenas de Cabrales and a similar distance to the Lagos de Covadonga). But at the same time, is very close (about 10 km) from the beaches of Barro and Niembro, Celorio and San Antolin.

In any of the paths that can be explored both Cuera saw as Caldueno Valley , visitors can enjoy the peace and quiet , along with the ringing of the bells or lloqueros , songs of cuckoos , blackbirds , robins , thrushes and nightingales , or the murmur of fountains and small streams, arising from the limestone and return to hide in few meters .

Oaks and chestnut trees, in a sea of ​​ferns, provide shade to the traveler and provide infinite shades of green, which are tinged with ocher, red and yellow in early fall . Walnut, hazelnut, apple and cherry trees , holly, birch and alder ; live harmoniously with boxwood, heather, blackberries, gorse and, of course, a lot of edible mushrooms that make our area mycologists delight.