In a bucolic landscape of abundant green forests and meadows enveloped in dense fog and stubborn frequent sea mists, where they live in harmony the beach and the mountains, this beautiful and sailor locked tourist town of eastern Asturias which is at the foot of cuera saw one of the foothills of the towering peaks of Europe , reaching almost the very Cantabrian Sea, Llanes is close to the neighboring community of Cantabria and sister and is a goze for visitors to wander through the picturesque streets of his old part, where you can breathe the most genuine maritime atmosphere and where typical cider countless and will delight anyone who is willing to dive into the real atmosphere Asturian cider where can never miss, and makes one in tune in harmony and conjunction with this land of legends, with this Celtic land , archaic and rainy , full of vitality and joy and open to all kinds of people, whence come these come, and always will be received warmly and with open arms in this immortal land, so that it can fully integrate, to savor their meaning and can take a piece of it in their memories to enrich their spirits.

The whole entire town is a monument, every corner has a special character and personality, especially the magnificent park – promenade viewpoint where you can see 40 meters down from the cliff the terrible and scary Cantabrian with his voice roaring waves, especially during bad weather with a northwest wind


– St. Mary Magdalene (21 and July 22)

– San Roque (August 14-16)

– Our Lady of Guide (7 and 8 September)

– As far as folklore is concerned, there are many dances that traditionally accompany the holidays, but of exceptional importance is the Pericote , dance ritual which some historians give Celtic origin. Involved groups of three, a man and two women, who dance to the beat of drums and bagpipes.