The route Cares

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Ruta del Cares

This time, we recommend one of the most iconic routes Picos de Europa. Cares Route . It is located between the provinces of León and the community of Asturias, in Spain.


It runs between the Asturian town of Puente Poncebos and Valdeón of Leon Cain’s past, also León. Formerly, the route was the only communication between the two peoples during winter snows.


The route runs along the Cares Gorge of River Cares Divine , and it is a path halfway up that opened between 1945 and 1950 in the rock for channel maintenance of the hydroelectric power of Camarmeña – Poncebos; was this channel built between 1916 and 1921.


Although the Cares river gorge makes a much longer way through the mountains towards the sea. It crosses from south to north, Valdeón (León), Cabrales, Penamellera Penamellera High and Low. What is known as the route of the Cares, is the part that makes walking , on a trail high above the river.


The rock in which it opens the gray limestone gorge where there are many holes, some of which have been used to shelter sheep grazing by. When the path reaches Cain, the gorge opens, and the road crosses it by a bridge. We share with you a video where you can observe in detail the highlights of this route.


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