What you can not miss …

Around the Caserio de San Pedro we find the following:

  • Ruta del CasañoCasaño route (6 km)From the town of Molina to the river’s Casaño two hours through a forest next to the river tranquility and pure nature

  • ruta costeraCoastal route (10 km)From Poo to Celorio the cliffs you can go walking and cycling are two natural beaches with good access route is marked

  • gulpiyuriGulpiyuri (10 km)
  • Since the house is going to ship and from the beach of San Antolin by the coastal footpath leads to the beach Gulpiyuri Monument. It’s like a pool in the middle of the meadows.
  • ruta de los bufonesTrail of the Jesters (15 km)
    From the house to the beach will Guadamía and from this comes out the path to the field walking buffoons. You can go to the bridge call me. A natural bridge over the sea.
  • cobijeru16Covijeru beach and cave (20 km)He will drive to the village of Buelna and then walk to the beach. To the right of the beach is the cave, but you need a torch to see the beginning. At the bottom of the cave find Buelna cliffs.

Monuments and places of interest:

Llanes (17 km): St. Mary of the Council, medieval castle tower, chapels of Santa Ana and Magdalena, Casa de Rivero (XV), The Cercáu (XVI), Casa de Posada Herrera (ss XVII and XVIII) , Casino ( 1909 ) ,the old monumental houses with ss XVI to XVIII).

Palacio del Conde de la Vega del Sella, in New (ss XVII and XVIII), with the tower of the Aguilar (Middle Ages ), 15 km.

Set of houses popular skate in Cue , 18 km. Rural Ermita de San Felipe in Soberrón , 20 km.

Cave of El Pinal. Tina Monastery and rural chapel of San Emeterio, Pimiango (Ribadedeva), 30 km.

Santa Eulalia Church Ardisana (FF XIV to XV ), 4 km . Teyéu Roman road , 5 km away.

Cemetery and Church of Our Lady of Sorrows of Barro (XVIII ), 13 km .

Monasterio de San Antolin de Bedon , (ss XII and XIII), Naves, 11 km away.

Church of St. Mary of Llas (Arenas de Cabrales ) ,15 km .

The Espriella Palace (XVIII) in Villahormes , 13 km.

Medieval bridge over the River de las Cabras , in Mere , 2 km.

Palace Posada Herrera Ardisana Palace, 3 km.

Pancras Caserio de San Pedro in Debodes , 0.5 km.

Monastery of San Salvador de Celorio (XII ), 14 km.

Monumental city of Cangas de Onis to 24 km .

Peña Tú Idol in La Pereda , 22 km.

Caves of Tito Bustillo (Ribadesella ), 22 km.

Medieval Torrexón Posada la Vieja , 8 km.

Granaries and breadboards of Riocaliente , 5 km away.

Mere Palace (XVIII ) , 0.5 km.

Torrevega medieval tower 1 km .

Andrín medieval tower , 19 km.


Palombina Beaches, The Chambers Troenzo, Tayada and Borizu in Celorio , 11 km.

Playa de San Antolin and indoor beach Gulpiyiri , Naves , 10 km.

Beaches and Torimbia Toranda in Niembro village , 10 km.

Beaches of The Sablon, and Toró Chicu Puertu in Llanes , 17 km.

Barro Beach , 10 km away.

Poo beach , 12 km.


Bolo – palm cover Porrúa bowling or bowling any Caldueno Valley.

Mountaineering and climbing in the mountains of Cuera and the Picos de Europa.

Windsurfing on the beach of San Martin (Celorio) or San Antolin.

River fishing in the rivers Bedon , Deva -Cares, Puron, Sella, etc.

Tennis, football, basketball, etc. . , In the sports of Llanes.

Diving, fishing coastal and inshore along the coast .

Hiking across the Sierra Valley CUERA and Caldueno.

Paragliding in Los Resquilones, Torimbia, Pico Soberrón…

Swimming in any of the beaches in the municipality.

Small game preserves and more on council.

Canoeing on the rivers Sella and Cares.

Golf (campo de La Cuésta), in Cué

Sailing Ribadesella Llanes